Google’s latest broad core algorithm update and its effects on page rank

The ‘search’ dimension in the web is continuously evolving, courtesy to the dedicated inputs and analytics made by Google – the most used search engine as of today. With a market share of 90%+ in the web search, it has adopted the role of the leader and remains busy making the authentic researches and analyses to improve its own competencies; while at the same time, leaving the webmasters in frenzy that want to keep pace with the changes that are happening at the horizons. This year August 1st, Google confirmed another broad core algorithm update to improve the PageRank at its SERPs so that the visitors get the refined and resonant results with least of discrepancies. However, like with most of its broad core updates, there is nothing objective being told by Google as to where its search algorithms have been changed!

What is the broad core algorithm update?

SEO or search engine optimization is no more a task confined to a limited set of indices because Google is improvising dynamically and on an average, makes changes in its search algorithms every day of the year. Some updates and changes associated with them were specific enough like in the case of Penguin, Pigeon, Panda, Fred etc! But when we talk of the broad core updates like the one confirmed this August, there are no definite parameters talked about. Google itself has stated that its broad core algorithm update may send some websites lower while some may go up and may not notice any change in their page ranks! The web design and SEO firms may find this really annoying because they are being virtually denied the recipe to match Google’s intelligence quotients; however Google only says that nothing specific can be stated for this core update. Adding to its explanation, it has been said by Google that some ‘under-rewarded’ websites will witness better ranks!

The effects would be specific rather than uniform!

The effects of Google broad core algorithm update are more generic rather than objective for the seekers. The SEO experts therefore need to undertake analytics at their own work desks to ascertain as how and what parameters have been tweaked. The page rank for any website is determined not by one parameter but there could be as much as 200+ such factors that go into assessment before placing a website at a particular rank in SERP. In the broad core algorithm update, majority of these parameters are tinkered with slightly so that the page rankings get altered. Google on the other hand has not offered for its 1st August update as to what extent the changes would be observed with the websites; but it can be derived that the changes would be very specific and not uniform for all the pages. For example, if the keywords weightage in H1 tags is increased by 2% then the websites relying more on this parameter will benefit. If the value of the keywords in title tags is decreased by 9% then those actively using this parameter as a SEO tactic will be penalized.

Dynamic analytics warranted -

This broad core algorithm update of August, 2018 like all other core updates warrants more long term analyses by the webmasters to make the relative comparisons and keep trying for the optimizations through tinkering efforts with the search factors that count vital in the search algorithms of Google. Brainmine that specializes in SEO services in Dubai and Middle East has been always in the forefront and engages in targeted researches to keep track with the recent updates of Google.