Steps to Become an SEO Expert in Dubai in 2018

Google never stops challenging websites, especially when it comes to SEO. It keeps on introducing changes perennially, thereby fostering continuous changes, updates and improvements to the website’s performance, thereby augmenting the user experience element that they offer. Yes, user experience, along with search relevance, coupled up with the quality, relevance of the content are a few factors that contribute to the SEO venture.

On the other hand, experts too have to be aligned with the changes introduced, ensuring that they learn, incorporate and apply those changes while at work. Owing to the challenges posed by SEO in the year 2018, here’s a short report that compiles some of the steps on how to become an SEO consultant in Dubai in 2018!

Dubai is a global business hub that houses several international enterprises as well as SMEs and newbie companies thriving in the ever-growing competition. With several websites already floating around in the web cosmos, and with each of them trying to sustain its top rankings, SEO becomes even more challenging, let alone the challenges every search engine offers, and the diverse rules and regulations that follow it!

Nevertheless, these challenges add to the lucrative career opportunities that SEO experts across the world would want to capitalize on! SEO professionals are amongst the top paid ones in the technology industry, which is why it becomes necessary for a budding SEO consultant in Dubai to read this report as it talks about the steps and logic that would make you the best SEO expert in Dubai and across the world as well.

Steps to Become an SEO Expert in Dubai | How to become the Best SEO Consultant in Dubai

Now that we’ve looked at the scope of SEO and how lucrative a career in SEO could turn, let us now look at some tips to become a SEO expert in 2018.

Quality – Before Everything Else

What’s anything without quality? A website displaying high-quality content, an impeccable user experience, ease of navigation, authentically earned backlinks, etc. contribute to the quality of a website. Hence, as an SEO professional, you must ensure that the website you are working upon isn’t deprived of all these elements, and at the same time, isn’t limited to these.

The Technique of Being Found

With already billions of webpages already existing in the web expanse, and another billion being added every year, the challenge of being found is as Herculean as searching a tiny needle in the grass! Seriously, it isn’t as simple as talking about it seems to be. However, the good news is that search engines are smart enough to crawl and identify the right, appropriate, quality content that would connect with the users. Hence, being found implies including everything that is relevant, appropriate and search-engine friendly on the website. The optimal use of HTML and XML sitemaps, robots.txt, etc. would increase the visibility of your website, thus simplifying crawling for the search engine.

Earning Backlinks

Rightly referred to as something that you earn over a period of time, backlinks are essential elements that add value to your SEO through references, direct URLs, etc. cited on other websites, for instance, a blogger’s website. Google doesn’t rank websites that build self-linking links. So, as a sensible website owner or an SEO professional, one should refrain from indulging in such practices. The best way to accomplish organic, legitimate and sustainable rankings is to earn backlinks over a period of time.

Relevance is the Key

For instance, users if searching for the best smartphones in 2018 stumble upon your client’s website displaying the ones trending in 2015are more likely to close the webpage and move on with the next one, as the result and related content lacks relevance. Hence, it is important that websites post relevant content aligned with the user-search. Adding a pinch of user perspective to it would certainly, in turn, add to the relevance. Remember, the 75-25 ratio that indicates on-page SEO to constitute 75% of the relevance factor, and the rest the off-page SEO one. On-page SEO would entail meta-data, anchor texts, quality content, slug, title, etc.

SEOing and that too, being an SEO consultant in Dubai isn’t an easy task. However, with the right techniques and the right approach towards your job, there isn’t anything that would stop you from being an exceptional SEO professional.