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Website Design


Website Design

Web design consists of graphic design, layout, parts and pattern of website which is done through various tools and languages like Adobe Photoshop, Pixlr and HTML, CSS respectively. Using tools and our creativity we at Brainmine make aesthetic web designs. Web design is not only visual element; it also includes usability, ergonomics, and navigation and user habits. Web designs encompasses two important points are User Interface and User experience. We follow Web Design principle, UX and UI principle to deliver best ecommerce web design services in Dubai. Our user friendly web development services, unique designs and creativity will nurture your online business and digital marketing strategy

Look at design principle:

Simplicity: Design should be simple and easy to communicate with user so they don’t wonder on website and directly hits towards their intention.

Visibility: visibility should be developed in such way that visitors know where they stand out on website and what are further navigation aspects.

User’s attention: Images are more useful than text choosing best and meaningful image catches user attention, even call to action and its text captures attention and convert user

Structure: Hierarchical structure like product category, sub category and product page should be organized properly for clear action.

Colors: colors should make users feel fresh and color palette should be minimal and make sense with products and appear professional.

Does design meets user needs and boost business.

Does it delight users about products and services?

Are users able to discover how to complete their task?

Responsive web design: Mobile and hand held devices are being used more and more now days. We make responsive design which lets user to view on hand held devices so you don’t miss a single user of your website. It is need of hour to be ready for M-commerce as well.